As a Swiss company, ActivCell AG places great value on a transparent and sustainable value-added chain. This is why the company develops and produces all devices in Switzerland.

ActivCell AG provides services and sells products in the field of electrotherapy to different markets. ActivCell AG uses extremely sophisticated technology to produce devices that operate in medium- and high-frequency ranges, thus causing a therapeutic depth effect in the organism.


A high level of quality and constant technological development are further key values of ActivCell AG. Our products are continuously improved thanks to close cooperation with specialists from science and practice.

Sport horses are regularly exposed to high levels of physical stress. Great demands are made of their whole musculoskeletal system, which means that injuries are a common occurrence in equine sports.

ActivCell AG developed the EquCellpen for horses. It allows pain-free and relaxing treatment of pain, and helps with rehabilitation. It is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to conventional forms of treatment, and can be used as the main form of treatment or as supplementary treatment to other alternative therapies.

The main priority for ActivCell AG is the horses’ well-being: EquCelltherapy means that horses can be effectively and efficiently treated without their well-being suffering in any way. The therapy is completely pain-free for the animals and has a relaxing effect.


The battery-operated devices allow wireless operation that applies electromagnetic waves. The main effects consist of an increase in circulation, stimulation of metabolism, and pain relief. The EquCellpen is 90% Swiss-made. ActivCell AG thus guarantees premium quality in terms of the product and its ergonomic design.


Comprehensively trained specialists are required to ensure that EquCelltherapy can have a specific and useful effect. ActivCell AG guarantees the correct use of its devices through a supplementary training course that enables therapists to be trained and supported in their use of the product.

The ActivCell Team

The History of ActivCell


Ruedi und Peter Weber, the founders of ActivCell AG Following surgery, Ruedi Weber suffered with intense pain in his hand and foot, which also resulted in cognitive impairment. After the various forms of treatment prescribed by physicians were unsuccessful, a friend recommended that Ruedi Weber try high-frequency therapy to stimulate cellular metabolism. The joint pain started to improve rapidly. Impressed by the therapy, Ruedi Weber recommended high-frequency therapy to his brother, Peter Weber, who was suffering from intense back pain. Having already undergone two operations on his back, Peter Weber was facing the decision of whether to have further surgery. Ruedi Weber advised him not to and instead recommended electrotherapy. After just ten treatment sessions, Peter Weber was pain-free and totally convinced by the method.


Overwhelmed by numerous cases of successful therapy, the brothers carried out more detailed research and realised that many doctors and therapists have not looked into this form of electrotherapy and do not use it. This meant that there were also no modern devices available. Ruedi and Peter Weber had both been treated with a large, bulky, rather unprofessional device that was plugged in with a cable and only had a few possible settings. Determined to change this, Ruedi and Peter Weber - together with engineers from the fields of physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, and product design - founded ActivCell AG with the aim of developing a device that could be used in the medical field and of researching the scientific mode of operation of cellular metabolism under electrotherapy stimulation.


ActivCell AG is delighted with the newly developed EquCellpen that is initially being used in the field of veterinary medicine. The company aims to adapt the pen to further markets so it can also be used in human medicine.

In addition, the following experts are also part of the  ActivCell Team:


Peter Weber: Chairman ActivCell AG and chairman peka-metall AG


Peter Frei: Administrative board ActivCell AG, development and production ActivCell AG as well as Owner IQF LLC


Ruedi Weber: Administrative board ActivCell AG and former owner SIA/SWB, former Ruedi Weber + Architekten und Planer AG


Urs Laubscher: Quality Management / Regulatory Affairs ActivCell AG and CEO, sales, project management  of Industrie Beratung Laubscher GmbH.


Rene Ackermann: Supplier coordination and industrialization ActivCell AG


Dr. med. vet. Michael Hiestand: Medical Advisor Veterinary, ActivCell AG


Dr. med. vet. Heinz Burkhardt: Medical Advisor Veterinary, ActivCell AG

Thomas Fünfschilling

CEO, ActivCell AG


Thomas Fünfschilling holds a University degree in Industrial Engineering from the ETH Zurich and brings in over 15 years of experience in international Sales & Marketing roles at executive level in renowned industrial companies with focus on strategy and business development, product and solutions business, project management, organizational development and change management. Since 2018 he is co-founder and owner of a MedTech start-up.

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